A Different Type of Service Provided by a Tulsa Criminal Lawyer

When people think about hiring a Tulsa criminal lawyer, they typically think about hiring someone who can help defend them against a criminal charge. However, there are other things that a criminal lawyer can do, such as helping an individual receive a pardon or helping someone who was accused of a crime to have their record expunged.

What is a Pardon?

When it comes to a pardon, this particular act is an act of generosity given by a state’s executive officer. This sort of pardon can be requested and often times, it is done so through the help of a criminal attorney representing a person who has been convicted of a crime. However, it’s important to understand that not only is a pardon difficult to get, it is quite different from having a person’s criminal record expunged.

A pardon simply relieves the person of the obligation to serve a term of probation or incarceration. However, it changes nothing about a person’s criminal record and records denoting that they were found guilty of a crime. Having a person’s criminal record expunged goes a bit further.

Having a Criminal Record Expunged

When someone has their record expunged their status in their records change. Not only is the guilty verdict removed, but a not guilty verdict is entered in on the persons behalf. Then the records will state that the case was dismissed.

Getting Criminal Records Sealed

Another type of expungement, and one that is even more difficult to get than a standard expungement, is when a person’s criminal record is completely eliminated. In essence, this sort of expungement states that a person has no criminal record whatsoever. Any charges, any conviction and any period of incarceration are wiped out from a person’s record. As stated earlier, this is much more difficult to receive, but a Tulsa criminal lawyer can help in this lengthy and complicated process.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you will need the services of a criminal lawyer. However, if you want your record cleared, or perhaps you’re looking to get pardoned, a criminal attorney can help in doing the things necessary to get the ball rolling on either receiving a pardon or having your criminal record expunged.