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Features Of A Light Novel.

Light novels are very different from other types of novels. The most common difference that almost every person knows is that this novel is light but apart from that there are other differences. Their covers are designed in Mange styles. The books are intended for children in teenage. These types of novels are not very long. The language used is precise to avoid making the book longer. Styles that make books longer are not used. Japan is the part of the world where these novels are popular even though they are read in other parts. Majority of bookshops in Japan will have a light novel.

The origin of the name of the book is Japan. Even though light novel sounds like English it is not.People from Japan use the word Wasei-eigo. This word has become popular in many parts. People who practice the western culture call the novels Japanese novella. They use a style that is different from other styles when writing light novels.Unlike the common books they only use very few illustrations. A few number of illustration are used in light novels unlike in the other books. The language uses is easy for reading. When you are about to begin a capital this is when an illustration can be used. It can also be used when you are introducing a new character or places.

In the past the illustrations were strictly done in black and white but nowadays some of the writers are using colored ones. Many things have changed in the globe and this forms part of the changes. There is a reason for the anime style used. The main reason is their origin. Japan is the origin of these novels. This kind of novel evolved from the pulp magazine. This magazine only used classic style but the need to attract more readers saw many changes done. The anime styles become more popular and the old styles were abandoned. Illustration become part of the book but only in certain sections.

Anime and stories from movies were included in the magazine. Video games also contributed in the books content. When the new generation become interested in the books, more illustration was introduced. The commonly used stylistic device in the novels is poetry. Majority of the books use poetic devices. A light novel is not just a type of book that can be read in few minutes or within a short bus ride. This is just a mere myth. There is more in light novel than the length. Some novels were intended for kids yet they talk about things that concern mature people. This mistake in not committed in light novels. Failing to research after wring is the cause for this problem. Japanese novels are well scripted and they are always intended for the right audience.

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