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What is the Best Mattress for Your Baby?

Buying things for the new baby is what new parents are all very excited about. And if the cute little thing is your first one, then you would only want to buy what is best for him. You would only want your baby to sleep in the best baby mattress available. Since there are many choices in the market today, it then becomes difficult for you to choose which to buy for your baby.

With good mattress buying tips, you will not miss the best one for your little one. Below are some of the things you need to consider before buying your new baby mattress.

You need to buy a firm mattress. You would want your baby to be comfortable in his sleep and so you think that buying a soft mattress would probably be the right choice. Comfort plays a big role in your decision but it is not the most important one. You need to consider the baby’s safety too. Contrary to what you think, a firm mattress is better than a soft one. The baby will sink in the soft mattress and will have difficulty going back to his normal position.

The mattress should have a solid surface. The substitute for a soft mattress is not a hard one but a firm one. Firm mattresses and hard ones are not the same thing. You can tell a firm mattress because it will give your hand a slight bounce when you press or push it. A soft mattress will swallow your hand but a hard mattress will not move at all.

The mattress should neither be too small for the crib not too big for it, but just fit. Don’t rely on a standard mattress since you might get disappointed if it does not fit the crib. Measure your crib first so you can save on time and money. If there are no visible gaps between the mattress and the crib frame, then your mattress perfectly fits the crib.

Foam or coil are the two types of mattresses you can buy. They are basically the same but one is more expensive than the other. If you are looking for a really firm one, then the coil mattress with many springs inside is the best although more expensive one.

If you are on a tight budget a foam mattress will do. Choose a quality foam mattress. A weightier foam mattress is ideal. When it is weight, then it has a denser and firmer material.

A waterproof mattress is ideal for baby. The mattress will be the receiving end of the baby’s pee, saliva and spilt food since he is the regular resident of this crib. You will have a dirty and smelly mattress if it is not waterproof since it will absorb liquids that spill on it.

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